The Tracker by I4U News helps you buy hard to find products online. Just subscribe to the products you want. The Tracker takes care of the rest. Your receive real-time notifications they are available online. 
Watch the short video below to learn how the Tracker works. 

Under offers, you can find the current store offers for the selected product as well as the history of availability.

Under the Reseller tab, you find the current offers from third parties on market places such as,, and eBay.

Under the menu, you find the options to enable and disable the notifications in general. This is useful if you do not want to get an in-stock alert while you sleep.

We curate the list of available products and stores. Please use the feedback form to make suggestions for products and stores you want to track.

The web version of the Tracker uses Push Notifications. Currently, Chrome and Firefox are supported on Windows, Mac, and Android. On iOS (iPhone, iPad) the Push notifications are not supported. Complain to Apple, please. If you want to use the Tracker on your iPhone, please download the free Tracker app

If you have any question either post it under community or use the feedback form